Starting Down the Make Money Online Path

So the decision has been made.  I am now adding a new activity to my life – blogging and affiliate site building.  I’m calling this my new Full-time Part-time “experiment”.

I will post more about why I have made this decision now, but I have long held the belief that with dedication, passion and follow-through, you can use existing online business opportunities to replace your current income and create financial freedom for yourself and your family. After 12 years of building my own online businesses and consulting for other online businesses, I am excited to stake out my personal space on the web, take the plunge and prove this belief to myself. I imagine this will be a slow process, as I already have enough going on most days & nights.

I am already making some money through “pure” online business opportunities (as I define as generating revenue through online advertising or affiliate revenue), but not much.  My small and under-developed network of blogs (2) and affiliate sites (also 2) have never generated more than $100/month through my up-to-now half-hearted and on-again/off-again efforts.  Meanwhile my yearly renewal of 35-40 domains I’ve registered over the years continue to haunt me as “Ideas I’ve had but never followed through on”.

But you have to start somewhere.  My main goal with this site is to be able to track money-making opportunities as they exist on the web today, experiment with what is available on my other niche blogs and affiliate sites, and hopefully create a community of like-minded people who are exploring achieving financial freedom through the Internet.  Only time will tell whether this experiment is successful.

For the time being, this will not be a full-time endeavor.  I hope to be able to track this process online through this site to provide a blueprint on how people who currently have a job can replace or supplement their income through online publishing. I will hold myself to a strict 12 to 15 hour/week time limit for this activity.  My other companies – MemoryHub and Online Video Service) take up most of my waking hours, especially as both have been experiencing tremendous growth and opportunity over the last six months.