Increase Search Engine Traffic with SEO Software HitTail

Increase SEO Traffic with HitTail

It’s easy. Setup a blog or website about your favorite hobby. Write a couple of pages and watch thousands of visitors start coming to your site.

Wrong! Starting a blog is all about consistently writing quality content that your (potential) audience is interested in and, more importantly, searching for! But how do you know about what users are searching for, and what you should write?

You could look at your log reports (Google Analytics offers a great free tool) and see the most popular Search Engine keywords or keyword phrases resulting in hits to your site, but now most of the keywords hide behind the infamous “Not Provided” category.  Google’s Webmaster Tools also offer more detailed information on the phrases people use to find your site, but it can be cumbersome to wade through all that data to come up with actionable next steps.

But there is also an online SEO Software tool you may not yet have heard of – HitTail – which is a must have for creating quality content around subjects your readers are looking for. As their site states, “HitTail analyzes your traffic and provides you with a simple, actionable list of precisely which keywords you should target to dramatically grow your organic search traffic..”  Even better, it helps generate ideas for new posts when you hit the inevitable writers block on your blog.

How does HitTail work? The preferred method is to import your keyword information from Google Webmaster Tools. This provides the keyword data your visitors are using from Google to find your site and gets around the “not provided” issue to provide keyword data from Google.   The software then analyzes these phrases to give you suggested topics based on the underperforming keywords that you can use to improve your results in search engines.

By using the suggestions in new website content, blog posts, or PPC campaigns, you can improve your search results to attract qualified visitors to your site. Since these content suggestions are generated from the actual keyword phrases your visitors are searching for, and not just the higher-volume keywords everyone can find in the Google Keyword tool, you’ll be gaining a valuable advantage over your competitors.

HitTail has a variety of pricing plans starting at only $9.99 per month, and the $9.99/m plan should be plenty for most bloggers starting out or for those bloggers who have hit a creative wall or traffic plateau. HitTail also offers a free 21-day trial period for you to give this SEO tool a spin.  This trial is a great offer for bloggers or small business sites who are currently already receiving some level of Search Engine Traffic (Hittail recommends you have at least 1,000 to 1,500 visits/month to start), but are working to increase their number of visitors.

To test HitTail for bloggers just starting out, I’ll be launching a new  site promoting an existing online product/service of mine, and exclusively use HitTail to be our guide in developing new content for Organic search traffic.  I had used HitTail previously with another one of my sites, utilizing their suggestions to write new content that grew the percentage of our “Long-tail” hits from 20% of our overall traffic to over 75% over a 5-month period, while increasing our overall search traffic by 30%.  My hope this time is to prove its usefulness in growing a new site from scratch.

Check back to see our progress, as I’ll be posting monthly updates to keep you informed with how HitTail is performing.  But if you are serious about building your audience(s) for your blog or small business website, HitTail is a must-have tool in your SEO arsenal.